ICO to Expand RLClub Award-Winning Mobile Engagement Platform

Solving Loyalty for Enterprise with Blockchain

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The RLClub team (www.rlclub.pro) has four years of successful experience in rolling out an innovative marTech product across two continents.


Demanding partners (telecoms, shopping malls, banks) and clients (global and local brands and retailers) see their revenues growing.


Our white-label apps enable customers to earn up to $30 a month by consuming targeted advertising.


RLClub solutions won 6 top awards at the industry events in Europe and Asia for innovation, technology, and partnerships.

Our Mission

What is RLCoin?

Enabling Our Partners' Customers to Earn Rewards for Engaging Brands.

Clients (retailers and brands) will buy RLCoin to reward platforms' users for engaging brands by scanning barcodes, visiting stores, making a purchase, and much more.

RLCoin will tokenize the existing RLClub Mobile Engagement Platform, allowing all counterparties to benefit from a transparent and efficient infrastructure.

  • Partners (telecoms, banks, shopping malls) will buy RLCoin to build customized white-label Mobile Engagement Platforms
  • Clients (retailers and brands) will buy RLCoin to reward Platforms’ users for consuming relevant ads
  • Users will earn RLCoin and redeem it for partners’ and clients’ goods and services

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Thriving Business

Unlike most other ICOs, RLCoin is being implemented to tokenize an existing successful platform.  The RLClub team has a four year track record onboarding 250+ demanding corporate partners and clients across Europe and Asia.


Light-speed Scalability

The innovative white-label business platform is offered as a service to corporate partners with a large customer base, such as telecoms, banks, and shopping malls. Coordinated multi-channel marketing campaigns reach their vast audiences and win up to 54% penetration.  ICO will enable the roll out in countries with a total population of nearly a billion people.


Transaction Transparency

RLCoin introduces the benefits of blockchain efficiency and transaction transparency that is missing from centralized loyalty models.  Now brands and retailers can buy unique advertising with the certainty that real people are engaging.


Rewards To Customers

Our white-label mobile apps stand out among 5 million of other apps currently available.  RLCoin will enable users to earn up to $30 per month for performing target actions for brands of their choice.  A dozen innovative mechanics may yield $1-8 per each shopping mall visit, no purchase necessary.


billion USD – digital AdSpend in 2017


billion people – mobile users globally, potential RLCoin users

+4… 28%

revenue increase for RLClub partners


Return on AdSpend for RLClub clients

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RLClub users in H1 2018



How it all Started

Team set up in Europe
Mobile Engagement Platform proposal accepted by a telecom in Europe
July 2014
Three telecom partners in Europe
First partner in Asia – a shopping mall
July 2015
Top awards for Most Innovative Loyalty Program
First telecom partner in Asia
July 2016
Two new B2C interface options – SDK and a chatbot
Four prizes at APAC Loyalty & Engagement Awards
First partner among banks (Europe)
July 2017
ORACLE Partnership and Acceleration Program
January 2018
March 2018
Expansion to two large Asian markets
First shopping mall partner in Europe
First partners in the US
April 2018
Software to be offered on GitHub
Platform to expand across communities
Eco-system to reach 1,000+ clients
February 2019
Number of users to reach a billion people
Hundreds of millions of mobile users get telecom services for consuming relevant ads
February 2020
The Team

Execution Talents

In the News

Industry Awards

  • "> ?> 2017-BRONZE-Most-Innovative-Loyalty-Programme-Loyalty-Engagement-Awards
    Most Innovative Loyalty Program
    "> ?> 2017-BRONZE-Most-Innovative-Loyalty-Programme-Loyalty-Engagement-Awards

    2017 – BRONZE APAC Loyalty & Engagement Awards

  • "> ?> 2017-SILVER-Best-Use-of-Partnerships-Loyalty-Engagement-Awards
    Best Use of Partnerships
    "> ?> 2017-SILVER-Best-Use-of-Partnerships-Loyalty-Engagement-Awards

    2017 – SILVER APAC Loyalty & Engagement Awards

  • "> ?> 2017-SILVER-Best-Use-of-Technology-Loyalty-Engagement-Awards
    Best Use of Technology
    "> ?> 2017-SILVER-Best-Use-of-Technology-Loyalty-Engagement-Awards

    2017 – SILVER APAC Loyalty & Engagement Awards

  • "> ?> 2017-FINALIST-Loyalty-Programme-of-the-Year-Loyalty-Engagement-Awards
    Loyalty Program of the Year
    "> ?> 2017-FINALIST-Loyalty-Programme-of-the-Year-Loyalty-Engagement-Awards

    2017 – FINALIST APAC Loyalty & Engagement Awards

  • "> ?> 2016-WINNER-Best-Digital-Loyalty-Program-LoyaltyMarketing-Forum
    Best Digital Loyalty Program
    "> ?> 2016-WINNER-Best-Digital-Loyalty-Program-LoyaltyMarketing-Forum

    2016 – WINNER Loyalty Marketing Forum

  • "> ?> 2016-WINNER-Best-New-Loyalty-Marketing-Project-LoyaltyMarketing-Forum
    Best New Loyalty Marketing Project
    "> ?> 2016-WINNER-Best-New-Loyalty-Marketing-Project-LoyaltyMarketing-Forum

    2016 – WINNER Loyalty Marketing Forum

Token Sale

How To Buy RLCoin

Pre-sale start: March 26th, 2018
Sale start: April 16th, 2018
Hard cap: 23000 ETH
Soft cap: 5000 ETH
Token: RLO
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 100,000 RLO
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods


To participate in the token sale

RLCoin Structure

Token Distribution

RLCoin will provide for long-term growth of both the RLClub platform and its ecosystem.

  • 13% to build global eco-system
  • 10% to RLClub and advisors
  • 54% ICO - product development
  • 23% ICO - operations: product marketing